“Birds flyin’ high. You know how i feel…”


“Its a new dawn…

its a new day…  

its a new life…        

                       and i’m feeling good.”

It’s been a while since i have posted. Life has been so full, it has been hard to reflect on moments because new ones keep happening. But as i sit back and take inventory, I am amazed and inspired.

First off, I cant tell you how much love i felt when the spot I was in for Redd’s Wicked Apple aired, being my first job shortly after moving to the West Coast… and having it run during Nebraska Cornhusker games… lets just say it warded off any loneliness of being in a new city, the calls and texts made me feel like i was there and you were here:)

But Redd’s was just the starting point!  With my commercial agency, Brady Brannon and Rich by my side, i have been busy with auditions, and even booking a few more jobs that will be airing later this year! I couldn’t ask for a better fit with an agency. Each partner and staff member is so hands on. With the amount of care and compassion in their office, I can walk forward into auditions and on to set with confidence and grace, knowing there are good people who have my back.

Speaking of good people who have my back… Like i said, I have been missing my Homaha like crazy! So I was delighted when Mary O’Keefe, resident artistic and culture maven, wanted to include me in her amazing blog!  “5 questions with…” gave me a lot to think about with how and why i am the artist that i am right now. And, also helped me realize that I am still learning the answer to those questions myself; no finished product, no end goal in play…. continuing to refine my “life’s work”. Hopefully I will get another day to live it… hopefully many, many more days to live it. 🙂 You should check out her blog, a lovely collection of artists, musicians, creatives of all kinds!

AAAND! Last, but certainly not least: Kate McCullough is back! “Kill ’em All: KC” just started to air its second season! Episode one picks up with a lot of heat, I am excited to watch the McCullough’s and the Martucci Family drama unfold with another season. Check out the latest episode here!kate mcullough KEA season2

make sure to keep your eyes peeled, because i know that creator Jesse Pringle has been in the works getting the LA franchise up and running! Guess he meant it literally about killing them ALL… city by city:) like KEA  on facebook to keep updated.

all right, that is all for now… sending all the love and light!


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